“I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And on returning home, I found the world right by my side”

Our Stories

Faaya is essentially a story. A story about our trails across the world and the sights that deeply moved and inspired us. We express these stories using the heritage of our skilled Indian artisans. Thus, by marrying the contemporary with tradition, we have crafted a collection of stories that became the windows to the world.

Chilean Deco

The Chilean land boasts of wonderful colors painting its landscapes. Wild exotic flowers drape the grasslands, the hills are blanketed with gorgeously painted colorful houses and the coast has vivid blue waters. This story blends Chile’s natural beauty with art deco to give you a story of unrestrained wildness.


Lisbon Lemon

A travellers delight, the Lisbon Lemon story originates from Portugal, travels to Australia and ends with traditional English tea cakes. Inspired from the bright hued daffodil fields of Portugal, this story expresses a floral print which is intermingled with bright Australian lemons. Reminiscent of lemon tea and an English garden, the pattern brings sunny and minty hues to our collection.



A story that is inspired from the endless chain of mountains, rivers reflecting the colors of the sky and lush plantations. When winter arrives it covers the bright green landscape with a blanket of white snow. Be it autumn or spring, beautiful butterflies are usually found fluttering across the hilly landscapes of Assam. With their translucent wings flapping like a million heartbeats, these butterflies bring a soothing beauty to Assam.



A classic pattern, the French Toile takes you through the quaint hamlets of quaint European villages. With two gentle colours, Bleu (Blue) and Blanc (White), this floral story is inspired from the village of Brittany in France - which is abundant in hydrangeas and is known for its Toile De Fleurie.


English Blooms

English countryside in the springtime is a beautiful sight to see. With roses abloom everywhere and a gentle fragrance in the air, here is nature at its best. This classic English print is an ode to the happy memories of a warm pleasant spring.


Toco Breeze

A beautiful pristine sky is kissed by far reaching, leafy branches. Fluttering butterflies and humming bees glide across the forest floor and a bright red bill is spotted amongst the leafy tree canopies. This story encapsulates the beauty of Toucans and the wonders of their natural home - the Colombian Forests.


Maasai Valley

From the valleys of old Kenya emerged a warrior tribe. With their proud statures and traditional ways, they stood bold against invaders and lived in peace with nature. Brightly decorated with colorful beads and standing tall under the African sky, the Maasai tribe inspires this distinct African tribal print.


Taj Chevron

Across the banks of the Yamuna, along the majestic columns of the Taj, is the beautifully painted chevron. The serene marble, decorated with this harmonious geometric impression is the inspiration behind our black and white, herring-bone story.


Moroccan Mint

The traditional Moroccan trellis blends seamlessly with the Italian Florentine. A decorative style of the past, the pattern playfully intermingles with modern sensibilities with its clean geometry and soft hues of mint and pearl white.



The pattering rain, the lush forests and the magnificent wildlife. Take a trip to the depths of the Amazon with this wild, primeval print. Expressed in dual modes of night and day, this story brings the jungle experience home.


Bali Island

An ancient Indonesian craft, Batik prints are exquisitely hand-painted. Expressing rich artistry and beauty, this artistic style was an ideal addition to our handcrafted range of products. The batik print appears in four unique stories inspired by the scenic island of Bali.


Ceylon Dusk

Under the dusky skies, wander across the magical landscapes of Ceylon. Soft white lilies gliding across the murmuring waters, a night spent camping beside the splendid lakes. This is a story inspired by the subtle charms of a quaint island.


Alaskan Dream

Silvery mornings that are broken by the joyful trills of birds. A haven of mountains and hilltops with pure rippling streams. Our Alaskan dream is an ode to the sweet transparent beauty of a peaceful far-away land.



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